Machine Learning & AI

Turkgen engineers are well-versed in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks development utilizing Java and Python. We specialize in self-taught software development delivering fraud detection solutions, AI applications, analytical tools, NLP solutions, cybersecurity systems, and more.

Highload Systems

Turkgen engineers build scalable high-load systems designed specifically to support large volumes of user data requests and backend computations. We use the most efficient technologies such as  Java, Python, NodeJS to ensure the best performance and reliability of your software products.

Cloud Solutions

We build secure cloud solutions enabling businesses to increase efficiency, reduce time to market and improve scalability. Our developers provide cloud application development, cloud solutions for Big Data, cloud infrastructure and DevOps services etc. We have implemented Private, Public and Hybrid cloud infrastructures for customers in various industries.

Digital Transformation

Turkgen diverse technological expertise and over 15 years’ experience in delivering software development services across multiple industries allow us to implement end-to-end digital transformations. We leverage the latest technological advances including Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, Blockchain and IoT to drive innovations within your organization.

Business Intelligence

Our BI specialists build, deploy and maintain secure, scalable and manageable Business Intelligence solutions to help businesses transform their raw data into actionable insights. We implement data warehousing and reporting solutions using a wide stack of BI technologies and tools.

Data Science

We provide Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) and develop complex analytics systems using modern methods of data collection, analysis, and processing. Our Data Scientists know how to turn all your data, big and small, structured and unstructured, into valuable business insights.

Big Data

Using Big Data tools and methods, Turkgen engineers deal with data of any volume, velocity and variety helping organizations drive tangible business benefits. We offer Hadoop-based big data analytics and work with a number of open source big data technologies including Spark, Hive, Flume, Pig, Impala, Oozie, and others.


Turkgen engineers have hands-on experience in implementing blockchain solutions for FinTech and other industries. We build dynamic decentralized blockchain applications ensuring the security of transactions, immutability of records and solution scalability, while empowering the users and providing unprecedented transparency.

Enterprise Mobility

Delivering efficient and secure enterprise mobility solutions, we help our clients automate their processes, boost business productivity, and reduce operating costs. Our engineers provide end-to-end solution development for global industrial manufacturing and logistics companies, aviation technology leaders and hospitality businesses.


Our UI/UX designers create appealing and intuitive user interfaces to ensure that your product doesn’t only look beautiful and trendy, but also achieves its business goals and provides personalized customer experience. We perform user research, interaction design, prototyping and user testing to deliver effective and functional UI/UX design that would connect your customers with technology and your brand.

Internet of Things Solutions

Turkgen develops cutting-edge Internet of Things solutions employing a wide range of IoT-friendly technologies such as C/C++, Java, Go, Parasail, Python, Assembly, B#, JavaScript and others. With our hands-on experience in embedded software development and Internet of Things services, we can help you take advantage of the opportunities in connectivity and foster customer-centric innovation.


Turkgen provides comprehensive DevOps services to enable our clients to respond to market needs faster with continuous delivery and accelerated introduction of innovations. Our DevOps as a service helps to design and automate monitoring and deployment of server and network infrastructure while ensuring its stability and scalability.